Jeremy Garman - BA

ACT 360 Counselor
Evolution Counseling Services, LLC.

Jeremy Garman was born in Huntingdon and has lived around the area for most of his life. Jeremy is currently working as an ACT 360 Counselor at the Evolution Huntingdon office. His Bachelor’s degree is in Christian Counseling. He also has a associates degree in evangelism that was acquired through a program at his college called praxis where students for a year and a half would go and do various volunteer work such as, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, rehab centers, working with troubled kids, volunteering at prisons and juvenile prisons as well. He is currently looking at starting his Masters degree in Mental Health counseling sometime in 2024 and pursuing to be a licensed therapist after the completion of his degree. Jeremy’s past work experience is working 2 years in counseling drug and alcohol rehabilitation patients from a couple of different rehabs. What Jeremy values the most in this field is working with people to build a habit of being honest with themselves and get to know themselves better on a deeper level, while also helping them recover from any sort of mental health problems that they might have so that they can excel in life. What continually inspires Jeremy is his family who constantly supports him and encourages him to help others, but his greatest inspiration is his faith in Jesus Christ who shows him daily how to love others unconditionally. The reason for Jeremy being in the "helping field" is that seeing others be hurt in the past helped him gain a passion to help others mentally and emotionally heal. The people who inspire Jeremy is his parents, but for famous figures, it would be Jordan Peterson who is a Canadian clinical psychologist. Outside of work Jeremy does a variety of things. Jeremy’s biggest hobby is video games and tech with any nature activities being his second hobby. He loves hanging out with others around a campfire chatting and generally just having a good time. He’s also a fisher with his favorite fish being a largemouth bass. He also loves reading any kind of book he can get his hands on. One fun fact about him is that he lived in Canada close to 5 years. His favorite quote is by C.S. Lewis in his Letters to Malcom: "Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing had yet been done."