Attendance Counseling Team 360 (ACT 360)

Evolution’s Attendance Counseling Team 360 (ACT 360) is excited to be expanding into Huntingdon, PA. ACT 360 is a proven intervention/prevention program already fully operating in the neighboring Blair County by Evolution. ACT 360 will be available to the youth/families of Huntingdon Area School District immediately. Collaboration has been extensive with Huntingdon Area School District, Huntingdon County Children’s Services, JPO, Law Enforcement and Intermediate Unit 11 who have all identified the need for this program. ACT 360 allows students within the Huntingdon Area School District to access help for students who struggle with attendance. This program is an all-inclusive, intensive prevention/intervention counseling program that helps school aged children, and their families, set and meet goals for their success. This model is unique to targeting attendance issues from a 360 degree approach. Our Attendance Counseling Team is available for routinely scheduled family/youth appointments, court hearings, school meetings, transportation up to crisis intervention. ACT 360 is based on goal achievement (3 to 4 months) and not a time limited program. The program will focus on whatever treatment modality best matches to the family/youth as identified by the family/youth and counselors.

The funding for this program is payed for by Pennsylvania tax payer dollars.

Functional Family Therapy (FFT)

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is offered to Huntingdon County youth ages 10-18 and their families. This program is offered in collaboration with Huntingdon County Children’s Services, JPO, and multiple child-serving entities and school districts. It is a highly structured evidence based model of therapy that works with the entire family of an at-risk youth, helping them to identify, achieve, and maintain desired positive change. A specially-trained FFT therapist provides focused interventions during sessions with the youth and family for a brief period of time. Functional Family Therapy has produced extraordinarily positive results among families with at-risk youth/adolescents due to high levels of adherence and fidelity to the model.


Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

If your child, ages 3-18, has experienced any traumatic event(s), cognitive behavioral therapy and social learning theory principles can assist with: decreasing PTSD symptoms, managing negative trauma-related emotions, academic difficulties, interpersonal trust, social competencies, behavioral problems, family conflicts, recognizing and responding to abusive situations, as well as handling anxiety and depression. Please contact Evolution or complete and submit a TFCBT referral form to begin the healing process.