Attendance Counseling Team 360 (ACT 360)

ACT 360 allows the school districts in Blair County to access help for students who struggle with attendance. This program is an all-inclusive, intensive prevention/intervention counseling program that helps school aged children, and their families, set and meet goals for their success. This model is unique to targeting attendance issues from a 360 degree approach. Our Attendance Counseling Team is available for routinely scheduled family/youth appointments, court hearings, school meetings, transportation up to crisis intervention. ACT 360 is based on goal achievement (3 to 4 months) and not a time limited program. The program will focus on whatever treatment modality best matches to the family/youth as identified by the family/youth and counselors.



ALLIES is a group for LGBTQI youth and families exist to create a sense of community, empowerment, and support. The groups are structured to achieve both a feeling of "safe space" with total respect for privacy and confidentiality. ALLIES is available to all local LGBTQI youth and their families. Monthly meetings will include fun activities, informational discussions, and opportunities for safe, healthy socialization. Group topics and focuses will be unique from meeting to meeting. Sensitivity towards the vulnerability of this growing population is key to creating the right environment for growth and development. The group is currently being provided voluntarily by Evolution Expressions so advertising for groups has been restricted to distribution to flyers to local schools, agencies, community centers, doctor's offices, and businesses. Being able to spread the word about the groups and reaching out to all those who may benefit is key to its success. For more information or to be a part of the groups call or text PRIDE to 814-799-0157.


Delinquency Prevention (DP)

Delinquency Prevention is an intensive prevention counseling program that helps Blair County youth up to 18 years old and their families set and meet their goals for success. This model is exceptionally versatile because it is not limited to any one treatment modality and the referred families do not need to be open with CYF or JPO. Depending on the youth/family’s needs, one or two counselors work with the family, one of which works primarily with the parents while the other works with the youth. Individual, Group, and Family meetings are all utilized to help the family meet their goals. The Delinquency Prevention Program can be utilized as a frontline prevention service as well as an intervention service and can also be used as a step down supportive service.


Evolution Expressions

We are committed to empowering youth and their families to make informed & positive lifestyle choices, accepting responsibility for self-care, and achieving optimal levels of wellness while striving to reach ones full potential.

By providing a safe environment, individuals and families can learn and grow through the freedom of personal and artistic expression. Our goal is to provide opportunities in a positive community environment which increases the number of protective factors in ones life during and after participation in diverse programming.

Family Adolescent Crisis Emergency Intervention Team (FACE IT)

Evolution Counseling Service’s Family Adolescent Crisis Emergency Intervention Team (FACE IT) is a promising practice intervention/prevention program. This on-call Crisis Response program designed to work with youth and families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. FACE IT is designed to be an all-encompassing approach that will be utilized specifically by Blair County CYF & JPO agencies to provide an in-home emergency intervention at the time the family is in need. This Crisis Emergency Intervention treatment model has been developed to better serve the needs of a larger population of youth and their families in Blair County. This emergency response approach is an in-home prevention/intervention family service that will be provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when families are in crisis. This unique service will be able to address the county and family’s needs at all levels.


Functional Family Therapy (FFT)

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is a highly structured evidence based model of therapy that works with the entire family of an at-risk youth, helping them to identify, achieve, and maintain desired positive change. A specially-trained FFT therapist provides focused interventions during sessions with the youth and family for a brief period of time. Functional Family Therapy has produced extraordinarily positive results among families with at-risk youth/adolescents due to high levels of adherence and fidelity to the model.


Juvenile Resources for Creating Employment Opportunities (JR CEO)

The Juvenile Resources for Creating Employment Opportunities program, or JR CEO, will focus on developing the necessary skills and experience for juveniles entering the work force. The program will help youth develop their resume, participate in mock interviews, create mock businesses, provide community service, and explore entrepreneurship opportunities. Participants will be identified according to their individual needs and can be met with individually or in a group setting. Referrals for the JR CEO program will come from Blair County Juvenile Probation and Blair County Children Youth and Families.


The group curricula and goals will be identified at the time of referral based on the youth's criminogenic needs and YLS score. The National Curriculum Training Institutes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has many curricula to address adolescent's needs. These include; Life Skills, Drug & Alcohol, Truancy, Curfew, Misdemeanor offenses, Felony Offenses, Anger Management, Gangs, etc.. Each group will be facilitated by three Evolution Counseling staff that will meet weekly with 6 to 10 identified youth for approximately seven to fourteen sessions.


Outpatient Therapy (not currently accepting new referrals)

Meeting Your Personal, Family & Relationship Needs

We offer the convenience of outpatient therapy on a variety of mental health and addiction issues. You, your family or friends will learn skills and receive the support needed to cope with such issues. After these skills are taught, we then help you use them at home, school, work and in the community.

  • Individual Adult Therapy: Provided by licensed, advanced-level, and knowledgeable therapists, individual therapy focuses on a variety of life hurdles such as stress, trauma, anger management, depression, anxiety and panic disorders, and adjusting to major life changes.

  • Couples Therapy: Whether you’re in a relationship, are married or going through a divorce, our understanding therapists will help you address problems that are important to you.

  • Family Therapy: At Evolution, we offer a family friendly atmosphere to help families adjust to life circumstances and improve the quality of their relationships.

  • Child/Adolescent Therapy: Our trained and experienced therapists work extensively with children/adolescents on issues such as: life adjustments, anxiety, depression, anger management, behavior challenges, attention deficit disorder, social anxieties, bullying, self-harm, autism, and other common child/adolescent challenges.

VIEW PAYMENT OPTIONS DOWNLOAD REFERRAL FORM)* not currently accepting new referrals

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

If your child has experienced any traumatic event(s), cognitive behavioral therapy and social learning theory principles can assist with: decreasing PTSD symptoms, managing negative trauma-related emotions, academic difficulties, interpersonal trust, social competencies, behavioral problems, family conflicts, recognizing and responding to abusive situations, as well as handling anxiety and depression. Please contact Evolution or complete and submit a TFCBT referral form to begin the healing process.


Triple P - Positive Parenting Program

What is Triple P?

Positive Parenting Program is a multi-level system of family intervention for parents/guardians of children who have or are at risk of developing behavior problems. It is a preventative oriented program which aims to promote positive, caring relationships between parents/guardians and their children, and to help parents/guardians develop effective management strategies for dealing with a variety of childhood behavioral and emotional problems.

Level 4 Triple P: is an intensive 10-session individual or 8-session group parent/guardian training program for parents/guardians of children with moderate to severe behavioral difficulties. This program model is an evidence based guided curriculum where parents/guardians work with a specially trained counselor to complete a family workbook. All materials for the program are provided when families are enrolled in services. Child-care can be provided upon request when families are participating in the group setting. Services for the individual program are primarily offered in-home, however the group setting will be held at the Evolution Counseling Services LLC office. Evolution Counseling Services LLC offers Standard Level 4 Triple P for ages 2-12, Level 4 Standard Teen for ages 12-16, and Level 4 Standard Group Triple P for ages 2-12, and Level 4 Teen Group Triple P for ages 12-16.

The funding for this program is payed for by Pennsylvania tax payer dollars.


Victim / Community Awareness

The Victim/Community Awareness course curriculum is designed to help juveniles understand the effects that crimes have on victims, their friends and families, and the community. Each course will be facilitated by two Evolution Counseling staff members that will meet with a group of 3-6 youth one time for approximately 3 hours. Participants in this course will explore their own offenses, who their victims were, and how to be accountable for their behaviors. Referrals for this program are received from the Blair County Juvenile Probation Office.